‘So-called right’ wrong in back­ing pres­i­dent

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This is con­cern­ing a let­ter [“Left-wingers’ wrong ideas will do dam­age to na­tion, Dec. 5] from Mr. [Dale] Lange, be­cause he must just be watch­ing “Fox and Friends,” which I wouldn’t watch be­cause that news team is help­ing Trump poi­son the peo­ple’s minds, and with this let­ter I read, I’m afraid it’s work­ing.

When I see a let­ter call­ing my party the left-wingers, it makes me think the per­son who wrote it must think they’re on the right side. If the so-called right side was wor­ried about our so­cial fab­ric or our re­li­gious val­ues, then why are they back­ing a man who can’t tell the truth, lives for greed, con­dones mur­der, takes chil­dren from their par­ents (which is kid­nap­ping) and don’t for­get about hav­ing ties to a Com­mu­nist coun­try? This man has hurt this coun­try worse than Nixon, which this Amer­i­can didn’t think could ever hap­pen. And still, the so-called right is back­ing this man.

I can’t write or say his name with­out be­ing sick for my coun­try and sorry for the next pres­i­dent who has to put it back to­gether again. It won’t be like putting Humpty Dumpty back to­gether again.

If the so-called right is wor­ried about our re­li­gious fiber, then they should pick up their Bi­bles and read them. It’s all in there. Don’t kill. Don’t lie. Love one an­other and pray for those who are lost. Ev­ery­one will stand in judg­ment. And it also says in the Bi­ble that no one isn’t a sin­ner. Throw the first stone and see what it gets you, or do what the Word says. Get on your knees and pray for our coun­try. Mr. Lange is not the judge. BILLY LONG Fayet­teville

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