To set it and for­get it

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There are cur­rently two meth­ods for ad­just­ing time in the U.S.: Stan­dard Time and Day­light Sav­ing Time (DST).

The 48 con­tigu­ous states of the U.S. lie ap­prox­i­mately be­tween 25 de­grees and 49 de­grees lat­i­tude. If left on DST, the north­ern tier of states are quite dark as chil­dren wait for buses to be picked up for school.

I ap­plaud Rep. Sarah Capp of Ozark for at­tempt­ing to place Arkansas on per­ma­nent Stan­dard Time.

The cur­rent time ad­just­ment ad­vances or re­tards by one hour; how­ever, there is a third op­tion to of­fer. There are many bril­liant peo­ple who could de­ter­mine a set time to ac­com­mo­date both the north­ern and south­ern states by ad­vanc­ing time for­ward from Stan­dard Time by, like, 23 min­utes, or 31 min­utes, or 38 min­utes or what­ever agreed-upon na­tional time where the U.S. could set it and for­get it. No more groggy ad­just­ments to bian­nual man­dates.

The time has come! Let the pen­du­lum swing in a pos­i­tive di­rec­tion. The hour is upon us. Have no se­cond thoughts.

Un­til that hap­pens, I am sup­port­ing Ms. Capp’s amend­ment.

WIL­LIAM HOYT Rus­sel­lville

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