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DEAR READ­ERS: To­day’s Sound Off is about age dis­crim­i­na­tion.

DEAR HELOISE: I re­tired last year from a job I held for over 25 years. I’m in ex­cel­lent health, and I want to work part time. Be­fore I re­tired, I was a dis­trict man­ager and well-re­spected in my field. My re­sume was done pro­fes­sion­ally and men­tions the awards and achieve­ments of my ca­reer. The prob­lem is, no one seems to want to hire peo­ple my age.

I’m not alone, be­cause I’ve heard the same thing from other re­tirees who want to put in an hon­est day’s work but can’t get hired. We’ll work for the money that’s of­fered; we’ll show up on time and do the job. We have so much ex­pe­ri­ence and nu­mer­ous skills, but age dis­crim­i­na­tion is our big­gest prob­lem. Em­ploy­ers should take a se­cond look at re­tirees and give us a chance to show how loyal, trust­wor­thy and re­li­able a se­nior em­ployee can be.

— Roger H., In­di­ana

DEAR READ­ERS: For those who re­ceive a daily pa­per, here are some sugges­tions for the plas­tic sleeves that go over the news­pa­per:

■ Use as an um­brella cover for stor­age.

■ Dec­o­ra­tive out­door ban­ners can be stored in them.

■ Slip over golf clubs for stor­ing.

DEAR HELOISE: Im­prov­ing your health is as easy as brush­ing and floss­ing your teeth, or so says my den­tist. Is this re­ally true?

— Ali­cia V., Lin­coln, N.D. DEAR READER: Re­search has found a link be­tween oral care and over­all health. Bac­te­ria will in time build up in the mouth, mak­ing the gums sus­cep­ti­ble to in­fec­tion. Be­fore long, the in­fec­tion be­comes gum dis­ease, which af­fects the whole body. Your den­tist can tell you more in de­tail. I sug­gest mak­ing an ap­point­ment with your den­tist for a clean­ing and X-rays to en­sure you stay as healthy as pos­si­ble.

DEAR HELOISE: How can I get my hus­band to re­mem­ber me on Valen­tine’s Day? He doesn’t even give me a card.

— Poppy in Wash­ing­ton DEAR READER: It’s time for a sit-down with your hus­band to let him know it hurts your feel­ings when he ig­nores you on Valen­tine’s Day. Your hus­band will make points with you if he re­mem­bers to buy you a box of candy or flow­ers, or does some thought­ful ges­ture.


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