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4B MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 ● ∂ ∂ On the Web 1. How many years after Henson’s death did he receive the Hubbard Medal? Most scientists agree that Admiral Robert E. Peary and his assistant, an African-American named Matthew A. Henson, and four Inuit guides were the first people to reach the North Pole. 2. How old was Henson when he went to work as a cabin boy on a ship? ‹ E\ 9LFNL :KLWLQJ (GLWRU -HII 6FKLQNHO *UDSKLFV 9RO 1R Peary and Henson had come near the North Pole several times before. They finally reached it on April 6, 1909. Henson planted the U.S. flag and said, “We are first.” 3. Why did Admiral Peary ride on a sled to the North Pole? Peary arrived at the North Pole on a sled. Peary rode on a sled because of a problem with his feet. To find out what that problem was, write the letters you pass along the correct path of the maze. 4. Henson brought these valued skills to the expedition: Find the words in the puzzle, then in this week’s Kid Scoop stories and activities. ADMIRAL DISCOVERY INUIT ARCTIC CUBE RESEARCH COMPASS PATH CLERK MELTS AWARD MEDAL FLAG PYRAMID NORTH a. b. c. P Y R A M I D T M A H T R C O P M A S S 5. How many Inuit people traveled with Peary and Henson on their expedition to the North Pole? L A D E M R F H E W A E P H V L C E K R R C N A T S O A A N Matthew Henson died in 1955, but in the year 2000 he was given the Hubbard Medal. “The Hubbard Medal is awarded for distinction in exploration, discovery, and research. Henson embodies what this award stands for. The honor is long overdue,” said National Geographic Society president John Fahey at the celebration. 6. What did Peary and Henson “plant” at the North Pole? I N U I T C R R W G M E C B B O H S A O D S T L E E M N I R 7. Where did Peary and Henson go on their first expedition together? A R E S E R A C D H )UHH]HEHUJ 8. Which medal has now been awarded to both Peary and Henson? Henson’s parents died when he was a young boy. At age 12, he went to sea working as a cabin boy. Eventually, Henson got a job working as a clerk in Washington, D.C. and met Robert E. Peary. In 1888, Peary hired Henson to be his personal assistant on an expedition to Nicaragua. After that, Peary hired Henson to join him on his next expeditions to the Arctic. Henson brought these valuable skills listed here. &RROWRZQ 3RUWVWRQ &KLOODQG Explorers use measurements. Hone your measuring skills! Measure two pictures on the front page of the newspaper. What is the TOTAL area of both the pictures? ,FH )ODWV 6KLYHUV &LW\ Start in the space with the star. Follow the compass clues in the explorer’s notebook. To which silly destination do they lead? = R = T = V = N = O = P = I = K = M = E = G = H = A = C = D O More news from around the state, nation and world

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