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Marriage licenses



Elias Edward Fry, 34, and Robyn Nicole Basse, 26, both of Bentonvill­e

Justin Scott Hutcheson, 48, Rogers, and Teeena Rachelle Ericson, 44, Centerton

Brooks Levi Johnson, 27, Decatur, and Hannah Shae Holt, 22, Gravette

Robert Gage Keesee, 32, and Bailey Lynn Baker, 32, both of Seminole, Okla.

Daniel James Quesnel, 43, Centerton, and Melissa Ann Johnson, 39, Harold, Fla.

Jennifer Nicole Sperry, 39, and Kerrie Lynn Sanchez, 50, both of Springfiel­d, Mo.

William Gene Thompson, 51, and Candace Nicole Gonzalez, 36, both of Springdale

David Michael Winfrey, 60, and Beatrice Nethon, 51, both of Bentonvill­e

Eric Yanez, 33, and Leslie Joanna Sutton, 33, both of Rogers

March 3

Chad Allen Davis, 26, and Laci LeAna Nicole Williams, 33, both of Kansas, Okla.

Michael Eric Eagle, 44, Bella Vista, and Heather Lynn Anderson, 41, Springdale

Mark Anthony Hutchins, 59, and Jeanette Payne, 58, both of Bentonvill­e

Isaac Warren Johnson, 26, and Crissy Renee Tuck, 26, both of Centerton

Benjiman Alden Marsh, 33, and Yahaira Piedra Garcia, 24, both of Rogers

Asher Maverick-Gray Mhoon, 25, and Sarah Elizabeth Rose, 22, both of Rogers

Wesley Curtis Nance, 33, and Macy Breanne Callahan, 30, both of Fayettevil­le

Nicholas Wayne Payton, 26, The Colony, Texas, and Rose Patricia Hanlon, 27, Dallas

Chad Aaron Richards, 33, and Kiya Cherokee Smith, 24, both of Westville, Okla.

Joe Daniel Slocum, 63, and Christy Michelle Hutcheson, 47, both of Bella Vista

Rafael Antionio Tenorio García, 54, and Minerva Cosio, 56, both of Lowell

Ezequiel Tovar, 22, Elkins, and Derica Leigh Bryant, 22, Bentonvill­e

Russell Scott Wilson, 61, and Lori Michele Littrell, 52, both of Bella Vista

March 6

Ismael Antonio Batres, 51, and Maria G. Chavez, 48, both of Rogers

Robert Fred Campbell, 43, and Margaret Ruth Lewen, 43, both of Tulsa, Okla.

Cody Dalton Clements, 27, Rogers, and Rylee Brenna Robinson, 25, Fayettevil­le

Kristan Ray Downey, 18, and Emily Khai Davis, 18, both of Gravette

Maximus James Eckart, 21, and McKenzi Jade Hancock, 18, both of Gentry

Brian Lynn Hiatt, 31, Joplin, Mo., and Marquita Nella Hawkins, 34, Centerton

Jonathan Travis Jackson, 35, and Lydia Ferrari, 34, both of Lowell

Randall Jay Westergard, 41, and Crystal Susanne Farrington, 36, both of Rogers

March 7

Harrison Elliott Adkins, 27, and Hannah Leigh Turner, 26, both of Centerton

David Scott Cook, 48, and Melissa Ann Fry, 48, both of Bella Vista

Taylor Shay Duncan, 32, and Angel Marie Sinor, 29, both of Siloam Springs

Ethan Cole Frye, 31, and Amy Elizabeth Richards, 37, both of Bentonvill­e

Shawn David Lynge, 45, and Amanda Gayle Keith, 32, both of Bentonvill­e

Robert Ivan Savage, 56, and Kristy Marie Presnell-Alvarado, 56, both of Gentry

Michael Alec Schwartz, 34, and Alicia Claire Troby, 30, both of Bella Vista

Richard Jason Smith, 46, Centerton, and Jessica Marie Schwaderer, 38, Fayettevil­le

Robert Quinton Walker Jr., 45, and Samantha Kay Johnson, 36, both of Lowell

March 8

David Michael Couture, 27, and Abby Alyssa Smith, 25, both of Tulsa, Okla.

Luis Ignacio Gonzalez Laguna, 22, Springdale, and Denise De Leon Torres, 26, Lowell

Keith Brandon Grant, 42, Bentonvill­e, and Kristen Rae Tackett, 40, Bella Vista

David Andres Vega Lugo, 28, and Mary Allison Reyes Lee, 30, both of Centerton

Stephen Adam Williams, 25, and Danni Su, 33, both of Lowell

March 9

Joshua Adam Beaumont, 41, and Kristen Renee Evans, 38, both of Bartlesvil­le, Okla.

Stephanie Anmarie Bender, 38, and Cheron Kae Williams, 34, both of Gravette

Jimmy Lee Heathman, 61, and Sandra Gail Combs, 59, both of Rogers

Alec Joseph Henry, 25, and Katherine Grace Mellinger, 22, both of Valrico, Fla.

Kevin Charles Marple, 53, and Shara Lee Bullington, 45, both of Bentonvill­e

David Lee Patterson, 70, and Sherry Ann McMasters, 54, both of Bella Vista

Dakota Allen Schader, 30, and Hannah Jean Sobiech, 29, both of Bentonvill­e

March 10

Darrell Wayne Barnes Jr, 43, and Amanda Gayle Henson, 40, both of Owasso, Okla.

Austin Christophe­r Blair, 25, and Mariah Janice Bartlett, 26, both of Bentonvill­e

Dallas Michael Christophe­r, 33, Rogers, and Alyshia Lopez Espiritu, 32, Bentonvill­e

Michael Arthur Fisher, 81, Bella Vista, and Sharron Ann Braswell 76, Fayettevil­le

Zachary James Fletcher, 37, and Elizabeth Kelly Chance, 33, both of Springdale

Hemanth Kommineni, 28, and Adriana Gonzalez Cuenca, 37, both of Rogers

Trenton Zane Puckett, 25, and Hannah Arinne Sanderson, 25, both of Webb City, Mo.

Michael Albert Read, 27, and Amanda Katherine Vincent, 27, both of Siloam Springs

Caleb Michael Rigsby, 26, and Baylee Chyenne Byford, 24, both of Lowell

Kilby Wade Roberts, 24, Sulphur Springs, and Brynn Elizabeth Hilger, 22, Gravette

Michael Chase Scott, 36, Pewaukee, Wis., and Kendall Leanne Whitmire, 38, Rogers

Ralph Theodor Stricker, 79, and Graciela Blackfox, 63, both of Fayettevil­le

Richard Allen Sutherland, 45, and Lindsay Elizabeth Kegley, 39, both of Gravette

Joshua Giovanni Taracena, 24, and Kyra Jo Arnold, 24, both of Bella Vista

Been Torejak, 28, and Akineti Bikoaa Toani, 23, both of Decatur

Vayle Swire Townsend, 26, and Lucy McClain Gerber, 23, both of Lowell

Jacob Ryan Truman, 20, and Evelyn Claire Hale, 19, both of Siloam Springs

March 13

John Wayne Baker, 60, and Christy Lynne Carte, 47, both of Rogers

Jacob Steven Beebe, 26, and Tara Autumn Clark, 23, both of Bentonvill­e

Michael Paul Braswell, 27, Bentonvill­e, and Karissa LeAnn Bird, 24, Carthage, Mo.

Robert Eugene Burns, 53, and Fabiana McClure, 44, both of Bentonvill­e

John Arnold Havens, 60, and Stephanie Kay Hubert, 61, both of Bella Vista

Devon James Holcomb, 24, and Stephanie Kay Haley-Twaddle, 29, both of Rogers

Noah Drake Iverson, 19, and Aryanna Nacole Boyer- Smith, 18, both of Gravette

Michael Anthony Lemke, 38, and Rebecca Jan Edwards, 46, both of Lowell

Stephen Allen Lott, 44, and Javan Alyse Osborn, 35, both of Springdale

March 14

Chad Dixon Byrd, 22, and Grace Anne Mathis, 22, both of Tontitown

Rick Andrew Lawrence, 33, and Alexis Christine Cohea, 20, both of Keota, Okla.

March 15

Christophe­r M Guinn, 48, and Teresa Leona Navratil, 49, both of Lowell

Michael Monroe Martin, 64, Bella Vista, and Tatiana Konopelko, 58, Pittsburg, Kan.

Lyndon Tanner Phillips, 24, and Ashton Brooke Hale, 24, both of Fayettevil­le

Heath Thomas Thompson, 32, and Ashley Lynn Warden, 24, both of Rogers

Mark Richard Weegens, 67, and Rhonda Lynn Harvey, 70, both of Gentry


Joshua Lance Calhoun, 27, and Lacy Alexandra Layman, 31, both of Fayettevil­le

Luis Eduardo Guzman Bello, 29, Rogers, and Laura Andrade II, 24, Dardanelle

Matthew Tyler Lawson, 37, and Aliester Eyre Melonkrofd­t, 34, both of Fayettevil­le

Jared Allen Ruff, 23, and Ashtyn Elizabeth Adams, 23, both of Springdale

Cole Ross Thompson, 27, and Ciara Terrelle Fowlkes, 23, both of Farmington

Wilson Isaac Weaver, 24, Wesley, and Skylar Haven Worley, 27, Rogers

March 3

Forrest Alexander Barnes, 27, and Deja Ariel McClendon, 29, both of Farmington

Victor Manuel Benitez Aleman, 36, and Marina Del Carmen Flores, 50, both of Springdale

Douglas Wayne Clark, 67, Huntsville, and Dorothy Lou Day, 65, Cassville, Mo.

Alexis Omar Cordova, 26, Centerton, and Maria Sabina Rodriguez Martinez, 27, Springdale

Raul Atilio Rosales Martinez, 30, and Noelia Beatriz Valle Merlos, 33, both of Springdale

Juan Alfredo Solivan De Jesus, 45, and Desiree Dayan Gonzalez Lorensi, 31, both of Springdale

Billy Wayne Williams Jr., 55, Springdale, and Ramona Kay Mason, 56, Fayettevil­le

March 6

Blaine Patrick Conatser, 32, and Lauren Elise Underwood, 29, both of Fayettevil­le

Jackson Augustus Fortner, 21, Fayettevil­le, and Emily Grace Futrell, 23, Cherry Valley

Stephanie Ann Gowdy, 33, and Lynee Ruth Warren, 36, both of Siloam Springs

Michael Alan Lozano, 34, and Lucia Emperatriz Escalante Ortiz, 36, both of Fayettevil­le

Michael Joseph McCoy, 61, and Judy Anne Flack, 78, both of Ottawa, Kan.

Elmerson Agustin Reyes, 25, and Zaira Anahi Maldonado, 20, both of Springdale

Damien Nicholas Self, 48, and Elizabeth Linn Donaldson, 38, both of Fayettevil­le

Elijah Jacob Smith, 18, Springdale, and Sydney Shayla Hope Holland, 17, Tonitown

Hugo Ernesto Umana Figueroa, 26, and Diana Guadalupe Lemus, 23, both of Springdale

Ricardo Vela-Herrera, 36, and Jacqueline Alarcon, 25, both of Springdale

Trenton James Waller, 22, and Nicole Shae Hartsel, 23, both of Fayettevil­le

March 7

Dylan Michael Harper Dwyer, 21, and Kristen Lee McCollum, 23, both of Fayettevil­le

Juan Jesus Martinez Jr., 39, Omaha, and Mellisa Dawn Elliott, 30, Yellville

Austin Todd Mitten, 28, Enid, Okla., and Contessa Michelle Travis, 26, Stillwater, Okla.

Jonathan Wayne Ralston, 42, and Amy Marie Griffin, 44, both of Prairie Grove

Carlos Guillermo Ramirez Ceballos, 23, and Grisselda Montes, 23, both of Springdale

Alexis Paige Wright, 23, and Miranda Lynn Blevins, 23, both of Fayettevil­le

March 8

Jose Yossimar Fajdardo Gomez, 34, and Diana Marcela Cruz Catalan, 23, both of Springdale

Charlemagn­e Lino Korba, 43, and Veppann Kon, 42, both of Springdale

Santos Israel Picado Rivera, 29, and Belkis Jeasmina Obando Olivas, 26, both of Rogers

March 9

Jacob Edward Freeman, 21, and Cheyenne Danielle Schneider, 22, both of Springdale

Easton Jacob Glover, 21, Hazen, and Morgan Cate Smith, 21, Fayettevil­le

George Isaac Heinemann, 26, and Mary Elizabeth Olney, 24, both of Jonesboro

David Wesley Lawver, 24, and Jonna Ann Biggs, 25, both of Farmington

Ismael Orosco Nunez, 35, and Amanda Dawn Aminu, 43, both of Fayettevil­le

Tristan James Robinson, 22, and Jessica Lynne Sessions, 19, both of Springdale

Zachary Shane Rogell, 24, and Hailey Elaine Sanford, 24, both of Springdale

Brady Clayton Rowland, 23, and Jesse Rose Pratt, 22, both of Fayettevil­le

Joel Fredrick Slaton, 44, and Angela Fay Dollarhyde, 42, both of Siloam Springs

Til Steven Smith, 26, and Sarah Elizabeth King-Mayes, 26, both of Fayettevil­le

Daniel Ross Washburn, 25, and Kennadi Grace Kissinger, 24, both of Springdale

March 10

Benson Binejal, 23, and Kitty Bolten, 20, both of Lowell

Taylor Sebastian Blume, 26, and Kerri Renae De Ment, 24, both of Fayettevil­le

Ned Bourn, 36, and Kailynalyn­n Nenam, 34, both of Fayettevil­le

Agustin Heriberto Garcia Cabrera, 22, and Liliana Medina-Hernandez, 31, both of Fayettevil­le

Ramie Tarrel Meeks, 41, and Latifah Marie Kendrix, 29, both of Fayettevil­le

Ronnie Ray Osborn, 67, and Sandra Shirley Bremer, 65, both of Oklahoma City, Okla.

Dalton Wade Shepherd, 31, and Tara Rae Shepherd, 29, both of Winslow

Henry Gaylon Williams, 64, and Ora Lee Moore, 57, both of Siloam Springs

March 13

McKinley Ellis Ayers, 21, and Tiffeny Christine Raz, 20, both of Fayettevil­le

Kale Ashton Drummond, 20, and Natalie Michelle Davis, 19, both of Siloam Springs

Andrew Herman Gatchel, 49, and Denise Marie Laney, 50, both of Prairie Grove

Juan Carlos Hernandez, 51, and Leticia Rojas Colazo, 50, both of Fayettevil­le

Kyle Brandon Johnston, 37, Lowell, and Brittney Michelle Castleberr­y, 40, Springdale

Taliese K Laupepa, 45, Rogers, and Rosina Jello Jacob, 58, Springdale

Johnathan Newby Mounce, 41, and Destinee Jade Thompson, 40, both of Prairie Grove

William Kyle Murph, 33, Elkins, and Christina Nicole Grissom, 37, Glenwood

Christian Olvera Gonzalez, 26, and Alondra Jeanette Castaneda, 20, both of Springdale

Luis Alberto Zamorano Hernandez, 35, and Yaneth Berenice Medina Hernandez, 36, both of Springdale

March 14

Gladwin Leroy Cass, 82, and Maria Frances Altmann, 72, both of Fayettevil­le

Hernando Garcia Bonilla, 49, and Ligia Obeida Hernandez Tobar, 41, both of Fayettevil­le

Adan Mendoza Zambrano, 45, and Marisol Reynaga Juarez, 45, both of Fayettevil­le

Bailey Joseph Riggs, 25, and Trinity Land Kenny, 24, both of Fayettevil­le

Henry Cristobal Villanueva Galdamez, 24, and Andrea Mayte Vera, 22, both of Springdale

March 15

Larry Maliek Bassett, 27, Springdale, and Ariadna Elizabeth Zamorano Gonzalez, 26, Rogers

Eduardo Luis Osegueda Urrutia, 31, and Elizabeth Rodriguez, 24, both of Springdale

Grant Andrew Smith, 25, and Michaela Kinsey Davis, 29, both of Summers

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