Nourish and Flourish: Flavors of the Season

The Collectors Club


Spoil yourself or someone special with the gift of artistic limited edition hand-blown drinking glasses delivered to your door every month. James takes his inspiratio­n from what’s happening in the world and creates a monthly theme for the glasses. The first in the series was “Covid Blues“which debuted this summer. “During these difficult times, turmoil and pain has seeped into every aspect of our lives here and around the world,” says James. “I just want to create an artistic piece that offers hope and inspiratio­n. What better way than sharing a meal and drinks?”

He and Carol carefully select various colors that represent the oceans and a breath of fresh air, filled with light, sparkle, and hope. “As you drink from your new glasses, please keep in mind that there is hope, and somehow together we will find a path through these challengin­g times to a place back to beauty, serenity, and love,” says James.

“Drinking your favorite wine out of James’ spectacula­r hand-blown glass is a true lifestyle experience,” says Katherine Zimmer, a Collector’ Club member and wine enthusiast. “These limited edition glasses add a flare to any dinner party and always become the topic of conversati­on because they are unique. Of course, tasting wine in a clear glass definitely has merit if you are doing a formal tasting and need to see color and clarity. Cheers!”

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