Nourish and Flourish: Flavors of the Season

Fire Cider


“We offer five flavors to choose from: Traditiona­l, Beet Me Up, Heart Throb, Mineral Mama, and of course an elderberry-infused ElderFire cider. We infuse our Ciders for 6 to 8 weeks at a time and then strain everything off. We then take an extra step and “juice” all of our roots, fruits, and herbs after their infusion to extract maximum plant medicine potency. We then pour all of the juiced extraction back into the infused vinegar. In the end, we marry the juiced extraction and infused vinegar with just the right amount of pure raw honey to create a warming and nourishing tonic that is just the right sweet and just the right heat.

Our Fire Ciders are made with organic and raw apple cider vinegar and fresh fruits, roots, and herbs including ginger, horseradis­h, turmeric, garlic, onion, whole citrus fruits, black peppercorn, fresh herbs, and hot peppers.

The combinatio­n of these foods and infusion creates a tonic that is incredible in offering natural digestion and immune support. This invigorati­ng tonic is wonderful for promoting circulatio­n, which in turn may help relieve congestion, inflammati­on, and stuck or stagnant conditions throughout the body.

Our Fire Cider tonics may be taken daily or as needed to promote digestion, immune functionin­g, and overall wellness.”

~ Amy Parsons, founder and maker, My Elderberry Fairy

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