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Cooking with Live Fire


“Like other home cooks and chefs, cooking is my love language,” says Lauren Nagel, a Midwest native with a passion for all things food and cooking. By trade, Lauren is a licensed Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, and has spent over seven years teaching high school culinary arts. She is also the founder of Bon Appeteach, a virtual online classroom.

“Food is a universal way to connect to those around us, to spend time together, and to socialize. I focus on healthier comfort food recipes (keto/whole 30/ paleo) that are easily adaptable,” says Lauren. “As for grilling and cooking with live fire, I am mostly self-taught, with the exception of a few tips I learned from my dad,” says Lauren. “There is a lot to love about cooking on the Big Green Egg. The EGG is really versatile and allows you to cook just about everything you can imagine. I am not your typical ‘ barbecuer’ as I’m more likely to smoke a cocktail than a piece of meat. I find that the shape of the EGG, the size, and number of accessorie­s they offer gives me endless options for culinary creation. Grilling isn’t as linear as we all grew up believing it was (sorry, Dad). While you have hot and fast or low and slow options for cooking, don’t limit yourself to what you can smoke, roast, or grill. I’ve made everything from classic BBQ to a smoke-infused strawberry sauce for ice cream. Cooking on the Big Green Egg is a blank slate to experiment and develop a whole new variety of depth and flavor within your dishes.”

“After spending the last decade in the culinary field, there are few women grilling in a profession­al capacity, let alone (wo) manning the grill at home. I have a predominat­ely female base of followers online, and the biggest challenge for most women is the lack of confidence and knowledge behind lighting the coals, managing temperatur­e, and dealing with live fire.”

“I offer the basic steps for lighting, operating the top and bottom vents, sharing about indirect and direct heat cooking methods on the EGG to take away the ‘fear’ factor associated with live fire cooking,” says Lauren. “Confidence paired with a little background education can make any newbie confident to cook on any size EGG.”

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