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In 1789. President-elect George Washington left Mount Ver-nor, Virginia, for his inaugurati­on in New York. In 1889. comedian and movie director Charles Chaplin was born in London.n

In 1945, In his first speech to Congress. President Harry Trurr an pledged to carry out the war and peace policies of his late predecesso­r. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In 1947. the cargo ship Grandcarrp. carrying ammonium ni-trate. blew up in the harbor it Texas City. Texas; a nearby shore ship. the High Flyer, which was carrying ammonium nitrate and sulfur, caught fire and exploded the following day: the blasts and fires killed nearly 600 people

In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. wrote his Letter froin minghart Jail" in which the civil rights activist responded to a group of local clergymen who had criticized him for leading street protests; King defended his tactics, writing, -Injustice arywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

"In 1972. Apollo 16 blasted off on a voyage to the moor with astronauts Johr W. Young. Charles M. Duke Jr. and Ken Mat-tingly on board.

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