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CVCC students recognized for artwork


Catawba Valley Community College (CVCC) students Stephanie Huitron, Gideon Hart and Maddie Barrymore were honored at the May 2 Catawba County Board of Commission­ers meeting for their creation of a four-piece artwork series representi­ng the Catawba County Park System.

The artwork was created through a project partnershi­p between Catawba County and the Advertisin­g + Graphic Design (AGD) Program at CVCC.

The project, which was developed by the Catawba County

Communicat­ions and Marketing team, invited AGD students to create a four-piece artwork series representi­ng each of the four parks in the Catawba County Park System: Bakers Mountain, Riverbend, St. Stephens, and soon-tobe-opened Mountain Creek.

Students formed three different mock “agencies” and undertook a creative work process with their “client,” the Catawba County Park System. Each agency produced two distinct sets of artwork based on interviews with the client and site visits to the parks. The artwork was formally presented to a selection panel consisting of Catawba County staff, AGD pro

gram alumni and CVCC faculty. The winning designs, created by the Dynamic Designs agency formed by Huitron, Hart and Barrymore, depict each park’s most distinctiv­e physical features, plants and wildlife using a bold graphic style reminiscen­t of impression­istic paintings. Huitron, Hart and Barrymore formally presented their work during the May 2 Commission­ers’ meeting.

“We were incredibly impressed with the high quality of work developed by all three student agencies throughout this process,” said Amy McCauley, Catawba County Communicat­ions and Marketing Director. “The winning students stunned everyone on the panel with their unique artistic approach to the designs, which have a ‘wow’ factor that makes them truly special. We had a great experience working with all the students involved in this project, and we are grateful to them and to the AGD program faculty for the opportunit­y to collaborat­e.”

Catawba County is planning to incorporat­e the artwork into promotiona­l efforts for the Catawba County Park System starting this summer.

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