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Friends, i am writing today to ask for your support for Mitchell Setzer for the N.C. House District 89. Mitchell has been and continues to be an effective leader in the N.C. House. Mitchell works hard for all the citizens of the 89th House District. He lives here, works here and worships here. Mitchell supports our 2nd amendment rights and sponsored H.B. 134 to protect these rights. He also sponsored H.B. 358 To save women’s sports, H.B.558 to prohibit mandatory COVID vaccinatio­ns. Mitchell is endorsed by the NRA. So friends as you can see Mitchell continues to work for us and support us everyday. We are truly blessed to have Mitchell working for us. That is why I feel that Mitchell Setzer is the only qualified candidate to represent the citizens of the 89th House District! So please join me in voting for Mitchell Setzer in either early voting or on May 171h, Election Day.

Ed Sain


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