Tweaks to Add Com­fort & Liv­abil­ity

Ad­dress­ing sub­tle things that get in the way: a squeak in the night, a bad lay­out, blank walls.

Old House Journal - - Ohj - By Lynn El­liott

HOUR Tighten a Squeaky Bed Frame

Squelch the squeak and avoid sleep­less nights. First be sure the noise isn’t com­ing from mat­tress or box spring: re­move them from the frame. Next, ex­am­ine the bed frame and rock any posts. If you find a loose bolt, add a washer and tighten with a wrench. Wood on wood also makes noise: try to pin­point the spot and rub two or more coats of paraf­fin or wax on the area. For slats that rub, cre­ate a buf­fer by lin­ing each joint where the bed frame and the slat meet with old socks or T-shirt rags. (Wax also works.) For all-metal bed frames, lu­bri­cate rub­bing joints with WD-40. Re­assem­ble the bed and test it. If it still squeaks, look again: is it the box spring against the frame? Use the old-sock trick. Check for un­even legs, lev­el­ing with a shim, felt or a cork coaster, or bit of towel.

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