Re­pair and Re­move Stains From Porce­lain

Rust stains and mi­nor chips leave old porce­lain fix­tures look­ing worn, but they may still have life left in them, even with­out pro­fes­sional re­fin­ish­ing. Try re­ju­ve­nat­ing fix­tures your­self.

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To re­move rust stains, ap­ply bak­ing soda with a damp sponge to the stain. Scrub gen­tly in cir­cles. Rinse thor­oughly so that no residue is left. If in­ef­fec­tive, make a paste of Bo­rax and le­mon juice and ap­ply; let dry. Rinse thor­oughly. An­other op­tion for white fix­tures only (never use on col­ored porce­lain): Line fix­ture with pa­per tow­els. Open a win­dow or use a ven­ti­la­tion fan. Close drains, and slowly pour chlo­rine bleach over pa­per tow­els; let soak overnight. Dis­card tow­els and rinse the fix­ture thor­oughly. To pro­tect porce­lain from fu­ture stain­ing and give it a shine, rub le­mon oil on with a clean cloth. Do not ap­ply to the in­side bot­tom of the tub, to avoid a slip­pery sur­face.


To re­pair chips, clean fix­ture with mild soapy wa­ter and dry with a clean cloth. Coat the chip with rub­bing al­co­hol and leave for an hour. Us­ing 400- or 600grit wet/dry sand­pa­per, sand in­side the chip to help the filler ad­here. Avoid sand­ing sur­round­ing area. Wipe with a clean cloth. Choose a porce­lain re­pair kit in a color that matches the fix­ture. If color is a dif­fi­cult match, cre­ate a cus­tom mix—for in­stance, mix white filler with al­mond for a cream color.


Mix the two epox­ies for the filler as di­rected. Ap­ply a thin layer of the filler to the chipped area with the small ap­pli­ca­tor brush or a tooth­pick. Let dry. Lightly sand the spot smooth. Re­peat process un­til the chipped area is level with sur­round­ing porce­lain. Be­fore the fi­nal layer has com­pletely dried, lightly sand for a smooth sur­face. Let dry 24–72 hours, per man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions. Avoid scrub­bing the re­paired spot for a week to en­sure bond­ing.

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