Hang a Cur­tain Rod Around a Claw­foot Tub

Ceil­ing-mounted cur­tain rods are in­de­pen­dent from the show­er­head, and easy to in­stall. Kits are avail­able in brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, brass, and chrome fin­ishes.

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Mea­sure tub length for the di­am­e­ter of the cir­cu­lar or oval cur­tain ring. Mea­sure length of the shower cur­tain and add 2 inches. For length of ceil­ing mounts, mea­sure from floor to ceil­ing and sub­tract the cur­tain mea­sure­ment (above) from it. If ceil­ing to floor is 108" inches and fi­nal cur­tain mea­sure­ment is 86" inches (84" + 2"), then 108 – 86 = 22" for ceil­ing rods. Use cou­plers on rods to ad­just lengths. If not ad­justable, mark length and use a pipe cut­ter. At­tach rods to ring; typ­i­cally, three rods come in a kit, or four.


On a lad­der (and with an as­sis­tant stand­ing in the tub), hold the cur­tain ring up to the ceil­ing over the tub. Ad­just rods as needed and then mark each screw hole on the cur­tain-rod flanges with a pen­cil. Lower cur­tain ring. Us­ing a stud finder, check for ceil­ing joists un­der each pen­cil mark and drill a 1"-deep hole with a ¼ " drill bit. (Ab­sent a stud, in­sert a hol­low wall sleeve into the hole to sup­port the screw.) Raise ring to ceil­ing. Us­ing a power drill or screw­driver, at­tach it with screws pro­vided. Add cur­tain hooks and hang cur­tain on rod.

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