Old House Journal : 2020-08-04

House & Garden Details : 100 : 98

House & Garden Details

house & garden details 4. HYDE TOOLS westsystem.com hydestore.com G/5 Five-Minute Adhesive: A fast resin/ hardener system for quick repairs, tooling, and general bonding. Great for spot applicatio­ns to hold parts in position while standard epoxy bonds cure. Bonds to wood, fiberglass, and metal. Not for long-term bonds subject to high loads or moisture. (866) 937-8797 With its long handle and broad, 4" business end, their wallpaper shaver safely and efficientl­y scrapes away all sorts of wallcoveri­ngs, paint, glue, and more. (888) 211-8621 5. KAUFMANN kaufmann-mercantile.com The trowel, garden rake, and square hoe in the Harvest set are hand-forged with traditiona­l blacksmith­ing techniques. Steel rivets and handturned black-walnut handles. (855) 848-3778 2. NORTHERN TOOL & EQUIPMENT northernto­ol.com NIOSH-approved, with the highest possible filter rating, the 3M P100 Demolition Respirator filters out 99.9% of particulat­es— including lead—produced during constructi­on. The mask has a Cool Flow exhalation valve, seals well, and the side cartridges (included) improve visibility. (800) 221-0516 6. JAX CHEMICAL jaxchemica­l.com Use their Green Patina Finishing Solution to refresh, restore, or create a green patina on copper, brass, and bronze. It’s especially effective on previously oxidized surfaces. (914) 668-1818 3. WEST SYSTEM westsystem.com G/flex ®: A toughened, versatile, liquid epoxy for permanent waterproof bonding of fiberglass, ceramics, metals, plastics, damp and difficult-to-bond woods. G/flex can make structural bonds that absorb the stress of expansion, contractio­n, and vibration. Ideal for bonding dissimilar materials. (866) 937-8797 4 98

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