Old House Journal : 2020-08-04

Editor : 16 : 14


W hether you intend to create a historical interior, a period-inspired but eclectic scheme, or a contempora­ry treatment within the original context, your old house is not a limitation. Far from it; in fact, an old house suggests styles and treatments more creative, and far less trendy, than those found in contempora­ry showrooms. An old house offers cues and clues for its decoration and furnishing, courtesy of its constructi­on date and style. Once you can recognize the elements that define the interior and lend scale, you’ll have a good idea of what may fit. You’ll avoid doing things that clash with the underlying architectu­re—setting up the next remodeling. If your old house is of indetermin­ate pedigree, or if it has had its pedigree remodeled right out of it, you can use period design concepts to enhance what it does have to [ text cont. on page 18] ABOVE TOP LEFT Post-Victorian Houses 14

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