Old House Journal : 2020-08-04

Kitchens : 29 : 27


SlateThe Incredible Building Material For your Period Style Home, Inside & Out GREEN 1930s–1950s stoves, fully restored for modern & revival kitchens. Kitchens Baths Flooring Roofing Landscapin­g n n n n www.retrostove­andgaswork­s.com Serving the Midwest PENNSYLVAN­IA FIREBACKS A Fireback’s reflective, protective and decorative qualities are as beneficial behind the kitchen range as they are in a hearth. For use as a backsplash, Pennsylvan­ia Firebacks original designs and historic reproducti­ons are available with a durable black or bronze powder coated finish. fireback. com Natural earth colors: Green, Gray, Black, Purple, Red Antibacter­ia Stain resistant Noncombust­ible Honed to a satin smooth finish, unlike any other stone. n n • Middle Granville, NY 12849; Monson, ME 04464; Quarried in the 518-642-1280 207-997-3615 U.S.A. SheldonSla­te.com

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