Old House Journal : 2020-08-04

Wall & Floor Tile : 37 : 35

Wall & Floor Tile

wall& floor tiles art tile is among the hottest decorative finishes offered today. Choices include matte and glossy tiles, slip-glazed tiles, and decorative (or “deco”) relief tiles that depict a motif. Revival tiles include Low- and De Morgan-style Victorian tiles, reproducti­ons of Arts & Crafts Batchelder tiles, boldly colored Moorish Revival tiles, and tube-lined tiles. cuerda seca Tile is used throughout the house, not just in the TOP kitchen and bathroom. It adds a period or personal statement in entryways, fireplace surrounds, wet bars, indoor and outdoor fountains, conservato­ries or ABOVE sunrooms, and as “murals.” Tile is a durable finishing material that approaches a true art form. Manufactur­ed tile, too, has gone far beyond the 4x4 square; find hexes, octagons, oblongs, diamonds, and rhomboids in many sizes. Composed of tiny pieces of stone or glass called tesserae, mosaics can be laid in patterns. Metal tiles make another cool accent. 35

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