Old House Journal : 2020-08-04

Wall & Floor Tile : 39 : 37

Wall & Floor Tile

IRIDESCENT ART TILE Lustrous and changing with any play of light, iridescent glazes on pottery and tile were a stunning innovation of the 20th-century Arts & Crafts movement. While several historic potteries including Grueby Faience and Fulper made exquisite iridescent glazes, Pewabic is the only one still producing them. As early as 1906, founder Mary Chase Perry Stratton successful­ly developed a ruby iridescent glaze on a vase in a copper reduction with “rainbow” lights. She was soon turning out luminous glazes in gold, rose, copper, yellow, purple, and green. All were built from her own frit formula, to which she added silver carbonate, zinc oxide, carbonate of copper, etc. Pewabic —now operating as a nonprofit and educationa­l center—offers five iridescent glazes including these shimmering blues. Each piece is hand-glazed and fired a second time. Pewabic, pewabic.org 37

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