Old House Journal : 2020-08-04

Curtains To Carpets : 55 : 53

Curtains To Carpets

ARTS & CRAFTS RUGS Beyond the store’s large inventory of antique rugs, The Persian Carpet has also developed a niche line of iconic Arts & Crafts-period rugs, sold nationwide. Some are reproducti­ons of originals by William Morris and his contempora­ries; others are new designs inspired by a Frank Lloyd Wright window or an Art Nouveau tile. What’s commendabl­e about these reproducti­ons is the availabili­ty of original colorways, as opposed to designs recolored for contempora­ry decorating. The rich colors assure that the rugs fit beautifull­y in period rooms, complement­ing the era’s palette, wallpapers, fabrics, and pottery. The Persian Carpet offers several designs by or after the English architect C.F.A. Voysey. This is ‘ The Duleek’, designed in 1903 as a madras fabric and later produced as a carpet sold by Liberty’s of London. It depicts a tranquil forest in tones of teal, apple green, and olive; available in multiple sizes. The Persian Carpet, persiancar­pet.com 53

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