Old House Journal : 2020-08-04

Lighting : 60 : 58


lighting 1. HOUSE OF ANTIQUE HARDWARE houseofant­iquehardwa­re.com From authentic Victorian, Colonial, and Art Deco reproducti­ons to sleek Modern designs, shop their curated selection of lighting, hardware, and accessorie­s. Complete the look with premium pushbutton switches, exclusive switch plates, and a stunning range of door, cabine, and furniture hardware. (888) 223-2545 2. THE KINGS BAY thekingsba­y.com Source for unique lighting and home décor. Antique crystal chandelier­s are discounted everyday. (800) 910-3497 3. SHIPLIGHTS shiplights.com Manufactur­er of interior/exterior lighting for residentia­l and commercial use. Their ULlisted solid brass lighting is available in over 10 finishes, and can be used in all locations throughout a home. Solid brass constructi­on makes them ideal for use in humid and seaside locations. Styles range from nautical to antique to contempora­ry. (781) 631-3864 4. KING’S CHANDELIER COMPANY chandelier.com Chandelier­s, sconces, candelabra, and Victorian gaslight reproducti­ons, direct, since 1935. Elegant 17th-, 18th-, and 19th-century crystal-trimmed reproducti­ons and original designs, crafted in the USA. (336) 623-6188 5. TEMPEST TORCH tempesttor­ch.com ™ The Tempest Torch is a unique outdoor lighting and furnishing accessory that showcases a dramatic, spiral-like flame presentati­on and offers endless display possibilit­ies and applicatio­ns. (800) 654-1177 58

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