Old House Journal : 2020-08-04

Lighting : 62 : 60


lighting houseofant­iquehardwa­re.com Faithfully reproduced from antique designs, these premium pushbutton switches and switch plates will be the finishing touch for a home renovation. Complete the look with period-perfect lighting and a stunning range of door, cabinet, and furniture hardware. (888) 223-2545 vintagehar­dware.com Since 1978, making historical lighting and hardware items—from their vast library of samples and/or from samples supplied by designers. (360) 379-9030 2. REVIVAL LIGHTING 4. PLAIN JANE SHOP revivallig­hting.com plainjanes­hop.com Reproducti­on lighting and antique lighting fixtures. Antique sconces, ceiling fixtures, table lamps, reproducti­on lighting, and other vintage lights. (509) 747-4552 Their “heirloom lampshades at plain jane prices” are all handmade by their family company. See the website for many fine examples of Victorian to 1920s shades. Any fabric can be used on any shade, including your own. (870) 219-1117 VINTAGE LAMP CORDS LEARN MORE > Cloth-covered cords on antique table and floor lamps (and occasional­ly such fixtures as ceiling pendants) evoke instant nostalgia, but many from the first half of the 20th century contain asbestos. Like the insulation on knob-and-tube wiring, the old cloth covers tend to wear and fray over the decades, exposing the wires. Fortunatel­y, there’s a good-looking solution: modern cloth-covered cording that resembles period lamp wire while being safe and meeting today’s codes. The wiring in Sundial Wire’s cloth-covered cord is coated with PVC insulation to meet modern electrical code. 60

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