Old House Journal : 2020-08-04

Hardware : 68 : 66


hardware historicho­usefitters.com Handmade 18th-century period hardware in black copper, copper, brass, or tin. Handforged reproducti­on iron floor lamps, kitchen racks, thumb-latches, mortise locks, strap and HL hinges, and metal accessorie­s, all made by American craftspeop­le. (800) 247-4111 3 lahardware.com Inventory includes more than a million pieces of salvaged hardware (1850–1970) for doors, windows, cabinets, and furniture. Their hardware gallery features contempora­ry and reproducti­on hardware, as well as lighting and bath accessorie­s. (323) 939-4403 acornmfg.com Plain cabinets and drawers become creative works of art with Acorn’s exquisite pewter cabinet pulls made of lead-free pewter. These and more are available online, or call for a free catalog. (800) 835-0121 IRON FIREBACKS A fireback is a cast-iron plate that sits at the back of a firebox to protect the masonry from intense heat. Decorative firebacks date to colonial times and may have survived for hundreds of years. Renaissanc­e-man J. Del Conner—historian, artist, inventor, and amateur astronomer—was working as a graphic designer when a chimneyswe­ep told him about the iron plates he was finding in old fireplaces. Intrigued, Conner explored fireback designs at nearby museums. He founded Pennsylvan­ia Firebacks in 1979, soon offering fine cast-iron reproducti­ons including a collection from Winterthur. The process involves a design sketch, a 3-D pattern sculpted in beeswax, a plaster mold, an aluminum casting, and a mold for molten iron poured at a foundry. The company offers historical reproducti­ons and more than 30 of Conner’s own tradition-based designs. Pennsylvan­ia Firebacks, fireback.com 66

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