Old House Journal : 2020-08-04

Walls & Ceilings : 76 : 74

Walls & Ceilings

walls & ceilings 2 simulated milk-paint finishes. Suitable for restoratio­n of buildings, furniture, and craft projects. Also: gel stains combining stain and finish in one easy step, chalk powder additives, and crackle finishes. (800) 222-3092 canvaswork­sdesigns.com Traditiona­lly styled murals, fireboards, and folk-art paintings, made individual­ly by artist Lisa Curry Mair. Also, many years experience in creating custom floorcloth­s for historic houses and museums. (802) 263-5410 eco- strip.com Distributo­r of Speedheate­r Infrared Paint Removers. UL listed. Low heat is gentle on wood and glass as it releases paint, varnish, or putty in seconds for scraping and immediate repainting. No lead fumes and minimal dust. (703) 239-7282 ™ 2. OLD FASHIONED MILK PAINT CO. milkpaint.com Authentic milk paint is the oldest, most durable paint known, and provides a rich, flat finish for furniture and walls that cannot be achieved with modern paints. 20 colors in powder form, just add water and mix. (866) 350-6455 spec- chem.com Nu-Wal system repairs and stabilizes damaged walls and ceilings. It covers and reinforces the entire surface with a fine-textured fiberglass, embedded in elastomeri­c coating. Suitable for lead encapsulat­ion; affordable and long-lasting. (800) 247-3932 3. OLDE CENTURY COLORS oldecentur­ycolors.com A carefully selected palette of 58 historical colors offered in highqualit­y water-based acrylic and 74

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