Old House Journal : 2020-08-04

House & Garden Details : 86 : 84

House & Garden Details

house & garden details 1. CHADSWORTH’S 1.800.COLUMNS columns.com Over three decades of producing the most architectu­rally correct columns and pilasters in the industry. Interior and exterior use, in a variety of designs and materials. Complete lines of pergolas, shutters, and balustrade­s also available. (800) 486-2118 2. PROWOOD MARKET ® prowoodmar­ket.com Nationwide industry leader in innovative and affordable products for the cedar architectu­ral market: brackets, braces, corbels, gable trusses, rafter tails, and more. (800) 915-5110 3. VIXEN HILL vixenhill.com Pre-engineered cedar products, including doors, shutters, modular gazebos, screened garden houses, and porch systems designed for oneday installati­on. (800) 423-2766 4. WORTHINGTO­N MILLWORK worthingto­nmillwork.com Leading provider of quality architectu­ral millwork: columns, crown moulding, decorative wood trim, and more. (800) 872-1608 84

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