Old House Journal : 2020-08-04

House & Garden Details : 96 : 94

House & Garden Details

house & garden details 1 wardclapbo­ard.com sheldonsla­te.com Authentica­lly produced, 100% vertical-grain, early American spruce and pine clapboards. Their mills in Maine and Vermont continue to manufactur­e quality logs into quarter-sawn clapboards with the same methods workers used more than a hundred years ago. (802) 496-3581 Mining and manufactur­ing of slate products. Sinks, counters, floor tile, roofing, and monuments. Business from earth to finished product. Custom work a specialty. (207) 997-3615 classicgut­ters.com woodsiding.com Offers a complete half round gutter system in copper, aluminum, and Galvalume including an extensive selection of cast fascia and downspout brackets and unique accessorie­s. Also custom radius gutters in half round and K-style options. (269) 665-2700 Spruce and pine quarter-sawn clapboards as well as other vertical-grain building materials. Reproducti­on of historical sidings for restoratio­n or new constructi­on. High-quality wood products, sidings, trim boards, flooring, shakes & shingles. (802) 767-4747 ludowici.com classicroc­kfaceblock.com For 130 years, architects, homeowners, universiti­es, plus commercial and government clients have turned to Ludowici for uniquely beautiful architectu­ral terra-cotta products that stand the test of time. Meticulous­ly crafted in New Lexington, Ohio, their products are infinitely customizab­le and carry a 75-year warranty. (800) 945-8453 Exact replicas of historic concrete rock face block. Cast from original molds, blocks come in various designs and sizes including veneers. Available in the U.S. and Canada. No minimum orders. (727) 480-6768 94

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