Old House Journal : 2020-08-04

House & Garden Details : 99 : 97

House & Garden Details

TERRA-COTTA ROOF TILE Ludowici’s barrel, shingle, interlocki­ng, and other roofing tiles are so ubiquitous that second and third generation owners can return for exact reproducti­ons a century or more later. The Yale Memorial rustic shingle tile shown here has distinctiv­e chipped edges—and yes, it appears on buildings at Yale University and other collegiate settings as well as on historic houses. The Ludowici archives are a virtual history of tile-making in the U.S., ranging from heavily ornate designs of the Victorian era to classic shapes like tapered barrel tiles, once formed over the thighs of workers. Ludowici can match old tiles, including those from other historic manufactur­ers such as B. Mifflin Hood and Heinz. The company also offers shake and slate lookalikes in clay, as well as lightweigh­t versions of historic profiles, plus graduated and tapered tile for your tower or turret. Ludowici, ludowici.com 97

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