Ticked off! @royal wed­ding

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I’m ticked off that I never got my in­vi­ta­tion to the royal wed­ding!

I feel very sorry for those who would rather hear about war and death rather than a royal wed­ding. This is a wel­comed respite. You need an at­ti­tude ad­just­ment.

Here's an idea for all of you traf­fic cops who may be a lit­tle be­hind on your ticket quota: Just sit on the side of the road and wait for the mul­ti­tude of dimwits who drive in the rain (or af­ter dark, on the turn­pike and in­ter­state!) with their head­lights off. Af­ter one shift, your quota should be met for the rest of the year. And maybe next year too!

I'm ticked off that my cable com­pany has raised my rates yet again this year and noth­ing has changed in their ser­vice. When is it go­ing to stop? Some­thing needs to be done about the fact they can raise their rates when­ever the wind blows.

I am ticked off that dog own­ers do not re­strain their dogs or they let them off leash to chase birds and ducks on Lake Knowles. These birds are try­ing to sur­vive by for­ag­ing for them­selves and their baby chicks. They should not be dis­turbed, but left alone to find food for their fam­i­lies. Un­re­strained dogs can stress them and make their job of find­ing food much more dif­fi­cult. Keep your dogs on a leash at all times and keep the leash re­strained ac­cord­ing to the city or­di­nance, which is six-feet long.

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