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Solo female travel


I found the recommenda­tions in Rick Steves’ article (“Traveling solo empowering for women,” Dec. 23) lacking in feminine insight as I do not believe our only concerns while traveling are pick pocketing and how to avoid being hit on. I can’t even count the number of times someone has called me “brave” for traveling solo. I internally roll my eyes when asked how it feels to eat alone and what I do to combat loneliness.

Preparatio­n and planning are of the utmost importance. My number one rule was to arrive and depart during daylight hours to avoid the vulnerabil­ity and stress of carrying all of my possession­s around in the dark. I also mapped out literally every step from my accommodat­ions to the airport and vice versa before I left to avoid any surprises. The most important thing is your passport, which I slept with once or twice.

In Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Australia I went out alone at night sans fake wedding ring and had no dangerous encounters -sure, some men hollered at me and stopped to talk to me but I paid them no attention and walked on confidentl­y. My thoughts were occupied with decisions about where to eat, what to do next, and how I felt about what I had experience­d -- not about the fact that I was alone. Travelling solo is not for the faintheart­ed. It can be stressful and even traumatizi­ng if something goes wrong. I would do it again without a doubt as it made me a stronger person. Maria Voorhees Maydan Maitland

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