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A poll of 10 ex­perts as to what they would bid as dealer with the West hand might col­lect five or six dif­fer­ent an­swers. Five clubs is a sound choice. North didn’t want to make a take­out dou­ble and risk part­ner pass­ing to con­vert it to a penalty dou­ble when he was likely cold for a slam some­where. The auc­tion is rea­son­able all around.

South ruffed the open­ing club lead in dummy and was happy with his con­tract. There would be 13 easy tricks un­less one of the ma­jors split 4-0. This was not un­likely af­ter the five-club open­ing. South cashed dummy’s ace of hearts at trick two and was not sur­prised when West showed out. East had a sure trump trick but there were still 12 tricks, right? West also dis­card­ing on the ace of spades was a rude de­vel­op­ment.

South didn’t give up. He saw that he might still be able to make his con­tract if East had started with ex­actly 4-4-3-2 dis­tri­bu­tion, which was not im­pos­si­ble at this point. De­clarer led a trump to his queen and ruffed his last club in dummy. He cashed the king of trumps, fol­lowed by the ace, king, and queen of di­a­monds in that or­der. He was home when East fol­lowed to all three di­a­monds.

South ex­ited with his last trump to East’s jack and East was forced to lead a spade into dummy’s king-queen-10. Mak­ing six and a hand to brag about! Bob Jones wel­comes read­ers’ re­sponses sent in care of this news­pa­per or to Tri­bune Con­tent Agency, LLC., 16650 West­grove Dr., Suite 175, Ad­di­son, TX 75001. Email re­sponses may be sent to tcaed­i­[email protected]­bune.com.

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