How to avoid des­per­a­tion dress­ing and bad out­fits

Orlando Sentinel - - EXTRA FASHION & SHOPPING - By Aramide Esubi

Some­times putting to­gether a great out­fit can feel like ad­vanced math where you have to mix and match, layer to­gether and ac­ces­sorize in or­der to come up with a win­ning re­sult.

On some days it seems as though out­fits come to­gether flaw­lessly, but on other days you’re left with a bed­room floor clut­tered with dis­carded clothes and an en­sem­ble that dis­ap­points. In or­der to help you avoid the lat­ter as much as pos­si­ble, here are a few styling se­crets from peo­ple who al­ways seem to have some­thing great to wear.

The way you or­ga­nize your closet mat­ters

If you have a hard time piec­ing to­gether out­fits, con­sider chang­ing the way you or­ga­nize your clothes so that you can have an eas­ier time en­vi­sion­ing the pos­si­bil­i­ties. Or­ga­nize your closet by cat­e­gory (i.e., sleeve­less shirts, T-shirts, blouses, pants, sweaters, dresses, etc.) so it’s easy to pull some­thing from each cat­e­gory.

Start with a state­ment piece and then pick ba­sics to pair with it. This way you’ll be able to clearly see all your pieces and come up with for­mu­las on the fly.

Tai­lor a small wardrobe

The key to al­ways hav­ing some­thing to wear is to pare down your wardrobe choices to only the best of the best. When you have a min­i­mal wardrobe, in terms of quan­tity rather than style, you’re not left with the tyranny of choices that can slow down a morn­ing.

With a care­fully cu­rated cap­sule wardrobe, you’ll know that al­most any­thing you close your eyes, grab and put on will feel and look great. While it can be hard to limit your­self to a few items, it’s bet­ter to have a small closet full of ex­cel­lent pieces than a big one full of “meh” op­tions.

Have a sep­a­rate rack of out­fit win­ners

For those mo­ments where you just can’t put any­thing re­motely great to­gether, con­sider carv­ing out a sep­a­rate space in your closet or wardrobe for your fa­vorite out­fits. This will also be a ma­jor plus if you tend to run late.

Try keep­ing a small cloth­ing rack out­side your closet with some of your fa­vorite pieces that are easy to throw on when you’re par­tic­u­larly rushed.

Some­times it’s all about the shoes

It might sound like a fash­ion cliche, but pair­ing un­ex­pected shoes with a sim­ple out­fit can re­ally take your look to the next level. Be sure to stock up on qual­ity footwear and you’ll have an eas­ier time putting to­gether gor­geous looks.

If you are feel­ing espe­cially lazy, go with two clas­sic, sim­ple items (like a black turtle­neck and jeans) and pair them with fancier shoes (like suede heels.) The footwear will kick things up a notch with­out look­ing as though you tried too hard.

Only have clothes that feel good on your body

We buy pieces that we only half-love all the time, and rather than ad­mit­ting that we made a mis­take and do­nat­ing them, a lot of us hold onto the pieces in ques­tion for years. I sug­gest get­ting ruth­less and weed­ing out those pieces so that you’re left with things that you are ex­cited to wear.

Take some time fig­ur­ing out what items work for your body type and what items make you happy and then shop ac­cord­ingly.


If you have a hard time piec­ing to­gether out­fits, con­sider chang­ing the way you or­ga­nize your clothes.

A sim­ple out­fit can be el­e­vated with a daz­zling pair of shoes or boots.

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