Sales-tax hike helps gov­ern­ment, not peo­ple

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This is in re­sponse to Joanie Schirm’s guest col­umn (“Eq­ui­table sales-tax in­crease may be key to eco­nomic re­cov­ery,” May 11) about rais­ing the Florida state sales tax due to re­duced tax rev­enue.

State, county, and lo­cal tax rev­enue is down be­cause the econ­omy has been shut down. Peo­ple out of work aren’t spend­ing their re­duced funds and those still work­ing have lim­ited place to spend money and are cau­tious about do­ing so.

How about this in­stead? Get the econ­omy back up and run­ning with lim­ited re­stric­tions on how peo­ple run their busi­ness. Peo­ple will be re-em­ployed, get their in­come back, have money to spend and we all will have many more places to spend our money. In­creased spend­ing equals in­creased tax rev­enue.

Get­ting our econ­omy work­ing again ben­e­fits both our cit­i­zens and our gov­ern­ments. Rais­ing the state sales tax only ben­e­fits the gov­ern­ment.

Dale Col­burn Umatilla

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