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Ticked off! @Potholes on roads


I am ticked off at all potholes on Central Florida roads.

I’m ticked off with telemarket­ers. The nerve of them to use my phone to try to sell me something! Their desperatio­n and greed show through in such a big way that I know I can’t trust them. Anyone who does business with these nasty folks simply further this lousy practice, so please stop it! Tell them to go away and then hang up!

I’m ticked off that Sentinel didn’t print my ticked off that I submitted. Or maybe you did print it? If so, I won’t be ticked off anymore.

An open request to the folks who operate the high-rise at Fifty Five West Church Street: If you don’t want us common people taking breaks at your plaza, kindly install some signs around there telling us.

To everyone and also the media: Please stop showing ear wax commercial­s and people getting shots! Get creative if you have a story about vaccines. People on Facebook, we don’t want to see photos of your arms. Please stop, everyone.

I’m ticked off at the group of bicyclist who yelled for me to slow down when I was driving around them at 40 MPH on a 55 MPH road. If you can’t handle drivers driving by you at 40 MPH get off the road.

The flip side

I wish to thank all the folks who came to my aid when I fell outside Hobby Lobby in Apopka on April 2. The care and help all of you showed at this mishap was so appreciate­d. With all of the terrible news we have these days, it is almost overwhelmi­ng to find such kind people as you. Thank you.

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