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The latest pandemic annoyance: Vaxinistas

- By David Fleshler

Are you showing off your COVID vaccine? You may be a vaxinista.

Urban Dictionary, the online repository of the latest slang, describes the vaxinista like this: “A person who gets the vaccine and flaunts it with high end shopping, trips, and parties.”

The vaxinista is distinct from the anti-masker, antivaxxer or any of the other types who have denied the severity (or existence) of the pandemic, thereby doing their part to prolong it.

The vaxinista takes COVID seriously but treats the achievemen­t of immunity as just another high-status consumer item to be thrown in the face of their friends, or “friends,” like a new BMW X3 or the admission of their offspring into a competitiv­e college.

The vaxinista can be found on Facebook, flashing their vaccinatio­n card. Or at the mall. Or in the crowds packed into restaurant­s. Either way, they’re hard to miss.

As Urban Dictionary puts it:

‘Once Lisa got the vax she turned into such a vaxinista.’ ”

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