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Ticked off! @rude drivers


On Friday afternoon I was admitted to an Ocoee hospital and an echo cardiogram was ordered. On Sunday at 10 a.m., no test yet. I threatened to discharge myself and finally got the test and was released. Although the nursing staff was wonderful, there was little they could do but leave numerous messages for the cardio tech. This points to inefficien­t personnel scheduling and poor management overall. Thirty hours to have one test. Never will I go there again!

I am ticked off at a certain national burger chain in Altamonte Springs that did not respond to take my order at the drive-thru, then told me to go around again when I arrived at the window and ordered! On top of that their receipt machine has been broken for four months!

I, too, am ticked off at the Magic for letting Nik Vucevic go! A hardworkin­g, dedicated player who wanted to stay here. They will have a hard time replacing a great player and a fan favorite, I don’t think I’ll be attending anymore.

I am ticked off at callous drivers who refuse to slow down or move over for pedestrian­s because (they say) they are “going the speed limit.” Sidewalks do not exist on every street, so it is sometimes necessary to walk in the street to navigate sidewalks. Furthermor­e, many residents and vendors park on the street, making it difficult for traffic and pedestrian­s to have a wide path. Drivers should be more considerat­e of the many people who enjoy walking in the neighborho­od: slow down and give us room to navigate the traffic.

The flip side

I find most of the Ticked-Off! comments so trivial and absurd, they truly make me giggle and brighten my day. Thank all you ticked off people for brightenin­g my day.

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