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Ticked off! @insurance companies


I am totally disappoint­ed that the federal government has given the insurance folks carte blanche to raise the rates to whatever rate they want. Rates can go up, I am aware of that. My insurance agent told me they have seen rates go up as high as 100%. Not sure about you, but I think that is disgracefu­l. Just my opinion!

To the person ticked off they know somebody on disability that gets $1,300 a month: try living on that. You should be happy you don’t have to live like that.

I’m ticked off at the TV commercial that shows an emu being cruelly forced to race rapidly on a treadmill. Some people may find this funny. I don’t!

I am ticked off that after replacing my roof with my own money and having the final permit inspection signed off on, the insurance company is still requiring a wind mitigation inspection. This is a scam. If the permit’s final inspection has been signed off on, that means that the county or city says that the roof has been done according to code. What more do you people want? I am going bare on most of my rental homes because I do not have mortgages and I can self insure, but what about other people who are being gouged and can’t afford it?

During these trying times, I’m ticked off 99% of the news is negative. The time has come to shine the light on positive news!

The flip side

Thanks to the Altamonte library for technical assistance when I needed it. I downloaded some anti-virus software from the internet while at the library. Immediatel­y my computer began acting as though the hard drive failed. After running exhaustive tests myself, I asked the library computer technician for help. He looked over the computer and remarked, “I think the anti-virus software is a scam, causing the problem.” I uninstalle­d the software, and my computer immediatel­y got well. Thanks to the Altamonte library!

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