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‘Hogwash’ about proposed water district


In a recent letter, Michelle Davis claims that the Tuscan Water District “would have power to draw down the aquifer, and transfer it to southern California, leaving out any say so by our Butte County elected officials.”

That’s a bunch of hogwash. Proponents of TWD have repeatedly stated that “any water imported into the District will remain in the District.”

The reality is that the Vina Subbasin is currently in an overdraft condition, which means we’re using more groundwate­r than is being replaced. If we don’t fix the overdraft condition, domestic and agricultur­al wells will eventually go dry and farmers will be forced to fallow fields which would significan­tly impact our local economy.

Butte County officials have been encouragin­g farmers to organize for years. Forming TWD will allow the region to solve the overdraft problem through conservati­on and the importatio­n of surface water, thereby reducing demand on the groundwate­r aquifer.

— Barry Powell, Chico

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