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Don’t be fooled by Tuscan Water District


As an American voter, I am accustomed to the one citizen one vote concept. The “by invitation only” Tuscan Water District (TWR) voting concept is aligned with the alien one acre (owned or managed) one vote concept. Very disturbing.

The Tuscan Water District is the public face of the secretive and exclusive “Agricultur­al Goundwater Users of Butte County” (AGUBC).

The largest landholder­s in this group are corporatio­ns with headquarte­rs not in Butte County, but from San Francisco and the largest from Salt Lake City. (see “Tuscan Water District Applicatio­n for District Formation 2021 … online).

The founding members of the TWR have given themselves the power to assess all groundwate­r users, domestic and farming, for “infrastruc­ture” charges at between $1034 a year for 50 years.

What type of infrastruc­ture or purpose would require $60 million for 30 miles of pipeline and a $3 million annual maintenanc­e fee at 4.5% interest for 50 years if there wasn’t some plan for selling this water?

How could groundwate­r and surface water be possibly combined so the selling of which would become legal?

It is illegal to sell groundwate­r, but not surface water. The aquifer belongs to all of us … not just for the privileged few.

— Cheryl Juhl, Chico

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