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Tuscan Water District promotes sustainabi­lity


Pam Stoesser implores readers to “Do some research on Tuscan Water District” in a recent letter to the editor.

Couldn’t agree more. Groundwate­r users — ag, urban, environmen­tal — in this region use more groundwate­r than is replaced. That’s called overdraft, and the state no longer allows regions to remain in an overdraft condition. To fix the problem of overdraft, you either stop pumping (demand reduction through fallowing and/or conservati­on) or you look for other sources of water (importing surface water). In response to state legislatio­n, Groundwate­r Sustainabi­lity Agencies have been formed to create and enforce plans to achieve sustainabi­lity — read more about the local plan here: www.vinagsa.org.

Farmers and landowners in Butte County are pushing the Tuscan Water District to implement the projects and management actions in the local plans. TWD is supported by area legislator­s and nearly every other special district in the county, including the Durham Irrigation District, Rock Creek Reclamatio­n District, Western Canal Water District, Paradise Irrigation District, and others.

To learn more, visit LAFCO’s website or the proponents website at www.tuscanwate­rdistrict.org.

— Brittany Fagundes, Gridley

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