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A former president and his delusional rants


Truth be told: There are Republican governors, senators, and members of the House of Representa­tives who don’t care if kids get sick, or even die, as long as they score points with their base, which is a remarkable collection of self-interested people who seem to have a distorted view of reality.

It’s hard to fathom why they follow the delusional rants of the former Whinerin-Chief: a soulless fanatic with a demented mind housed in a soulless body of flab, ranting fabricated lies, bilking them for millions of dollars.

America is like a wounded mouse that a cat finds and bats around, toys with it, lets it start to escape, then pushes it down with a clawed paw, and eventually eats it. Former President Crybaby is the cat, playing with a wounded democracy torn apart by lies about voter fraud, a partisan public health crises, and Republican­s calling arrested rioters political prisoners. He pits pseudo-science against scientific facts; divides the country with fear and anger; and gives false hope to his believers, filling them with mistrust while stoking their new found hatred, using it as a means to manipulate them for his own selfcenter­ed good.

He doesn’t love America, never has, never will. He loves himself, money, power, and will say and do whatever it takes to have more; he will call those who oppose him traitors to be punished, imprisoned, possibly executed; a dictatoria­l fascist who wraps himself in the American flag while selfishly betraying a country he knows not.

— Roger S. Beadle, Chico

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