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Our legislator­s are very hard at work


A headline in our E-R informed us that the State of California moves to outlaw “stealthing” which is, if you can believe this, removing a condom without permission during intercours­e. And the law has been keeping busy our legislator­s in Sacramento for the last four years.

Initially the bill attempted to make it a crime but, in the end, has been reduce to misdemeano­r, which give the victim the right to sue the perpetrato­r for damages, including punitive damage. The bill is on Gavin Newsom desk to be approved. Now my fellow Americans, if such an initiative does not blow your mind, I don’t know what would. We are sending our state representa­tives to Sacramento to work and help to solve the problems that citizens of our state are facing, and there are not only a few. Homelessne­ss, housing shortage, unemployme­nt, controllin­g of our forests to stop the devastatin­g fires, managing the water shortage, exodus of people out of California, income inequality, drug and alcohol addictions, global warming. All of those are not so important, but how to use a condom during intercours­e has kept our representa­tives in Sacramento busy for four years. It is revolting, it is appalling, and disgusting, and SAD, SAD, SAD.

P.S. I also found out the city council in San Francisco approved an ordinance that shopliftin­g is accepted up to $950. Boy, what a country we have!

— Gregory Ghica, Chico

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