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Plenty of reasons to support the recall


It is business, not personal my decision to support the recall of Gavin Newsom (GN). Not being a member of the D or R parties I try to review many sources and make my own decision. My reasons for supporting RECALL in no particular order.:

GN personal moratorium on Death Penalty; Release of inmates under the cover of COVID crisis; loss of $30 billion plus of the State EDD under his watch; failure to stop the bleeding of taxpayer funds to the infamous “high speed train” debacle; failure to organize and lead during the COVID crisis and subsequent vaccinatio­n response; ineffectiv­e and inefficien­t expenditur­e of state surplus and COVID relief funds, spending good taxpayer funds after bad;

GN direct and indirect support of putting more inmates/criminals on the street through his support of pro-crime legislatio­n/executive actions; the spending of tens of billions of dollars on the homeless issue with no clear objective or strategy to correct the problem; failure to assisting our fellow federal law enforcemen­t agencies to protect the borders and our sovereignt­y; expenditur­e of taxpayer funds to programs for non legal immigrants; and example after example in every daily news report of his failure to be a good steward of our State.

So, we shall see what the election brings. If Newsom survives I would hope he would be humbled by the process but my guess he will proclaim he has been re-affirmed and vindicated by the minions of his great “nation/state.”

— Mike McKiernan,


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