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Night-time logging has far-reaching effects



The effects of the horrific fires will be everlastin­g especially for the families who lost loved ones and property due to the insane letburn policy of the US Forest Service. Now to make matters even worse the US Forest Service is continuing to cause more harm to the people of the foothill and mountain communitie­s by allowing night time logging by the lumber companies. The nighttime logging is causing a severe health hazard especially to the elderly because the residents are deprived of their sleep at one or two in the morning by the logging trucks and other related vehicles.

Let me be clear it is not the fault of the logging trucks because they are probably are not overjoyed by the fact that they have to get up at midnight and go to bed in late afternoon. For the most part they obey the speed limit although I have clocked a couple of idiots going 59 miles per hour in a 35 zone.. The workers are a different story, some have no respect for the speed limit through this small community.

Neither the logging trucks nor the workers have any fear of violating the speed limit because the California Highway Patrol has been almost nonexisten­t since Captain Shon Harris of the Yuba Sutter Division retired and become mayor and now councilman in Yuba City, California. Come back Shon, come back Shon.

— William Prater, Clipper Mills

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