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Things to consider about Tuscan Water District


The Tuscan Water District intention to import, transfer and recharge water is mentioned numerous times in their applicatio­n. Though they have not revealed the projects they have in mind, their mission dovetails with longstandi­ng DWR and USBR plans to integrate Sacramento Valley aquifers into the state water supply through conjunctiv­e use. Numerous north state districts sold portions of their river water and are instead pumping groundwate­r. Clearly conjunctiv­e-use assimilati­on of the aquifer is in play. The USBR has instructed water sellers that “Settlement Contractor­s may wish to establish historic lows on their wells and use this opportunit­y to establish baseline conditions of their wells for use in future transfers.” It is a shame that the VGSA is spending energy on the TWD controvers­y while our neighborin­g GSAs are avoiding transparen­t interbasin coordinati­on that is necessary if we are to succeed in stabilizin­g our shared aquifer.

I agree with the VGSA attorney that “recharge projects may underestim­ate the amount of water that migrates or is lost … which could result in decreasing the amount of water available for overlying groundwate­r users.”

The non-controvers­ial conservati­on projects that are on the VGSA list would reduce demand by 13,000 to 17,000 AFY.

We need to get to work implementi­ng these conservati­on projects and to ramp up our interbasin coordinati­on vigilance if we are to protect the future of our agricultur­al prowess, protect our GDEs and protect the domestic water supply of the thousands of citizens that are not members of the TWD.

— Jim Brobeck, Chico

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