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Going to the official record


The Thursday, September 9, 2021, the Chico E-R LTE section had a letter from the DA entitled “DA clears the air on the O’Brien assignment.”

The DA writes, “District Attorney Mike Ramsey asked him (O’Brien) to run for this spot.” FALSE.

The following is the truth and can be verified by viewing the recorded city council meeting online at chico-granicus. com, the meeting of 7.20.2021, beginning at 49:40.

When making his presentati­on to the city council on 7.20.2021, former CPD Chief Mike O’Brien stated the following quote:

“Good evening, Mayor and Vice Mayor. My name is Michael O’Brien, and it was my privilege to address you as your chief of police now; it is my pleasure to address you as an at-large city council applicant. This (indistingu­ishable) was not a position I sought. I was happy playing pickleball with other retirees when a call for service came first from our District Attorney then from others regarding our council vacancies. Hence, my presence here tonight.”

I ask the good people of

Chico to consider and respond to the Chico E-R to ask who is telling the truth; Councilmem­ber O’Brien or DA Ramsey?

The other alleged facts presented by DA Ramsey are debatable, and I will not comment except to state that, in my opinion, “the air is not clear.”

— Scott Rushing, Ventura

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