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Biden is getting plenty of things right


Brian Boswell’s Bidenbashi­ng letter (9/16) gave me a good chuckle. How much Kool-Aid can one Trump follower drink? But he asked one question I take seriously: Can anyone think of anything Biden’s gotten right?

Boswell has likely forgotten the checks Biden sent him in the mail. Those relief payments helped millions of Americans survive the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Don’t forget the Payroll Protection checks and unemployme­nt benefits and the ban on rental evictions, all measures that saved businesses, homes, and families.

Biden has taken the lead mandating vaccinatio­ns for health care workers, federal employees, and large businesses. The vaccine is our best hope for getting past the pandemic. Get the shot!

No one thinks Biden’s exit from Afghanista­n was well handled, but here’s one big difference between Biden and Trump. Trump said he wanted to leave, but like his plan for health care reform, or his big, beautiful wall that Mexico was going to pay for, he didn’t follow through. Biden ended the longest war in American history.

Trump’s ban on transgende­r personnel serving in the military was further evidence of the kind of intoleranc­e he and his followers cultivate. Biden lifted that ban. Biden supports equality and protection­s for our LGBTQ+ friends.

Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Biden made Juneteenth a federal holiday. There’s more, but I’m out of room. Whatever his flaws, and there are plenty, Biden has gotten more than a few things right.

— Rob Davidson, Chico

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