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Glenn County residents must fight for water

- — John Scott, Butte Valley

When will the residents of Glenn County wake up and go after the reason their wells are going dry? Currently over 200 wells are dry and many more will follow, because the Glenn County Irrigation District (GCID) refuses to stop pumping your groundwate­r to sell south of the Delta and to Kern County.

Before managing GCID, Thad Bittner worker for Stuart Resnick in Kern County and it was his job to get water, so he moved to Glenn County.

It is insulting that Glenn Counties Drought Task Force is trying to involve North Valley Community Foundation in their plan to beg the federal government for funds to pass out a few gallons of water to dry well owners in Glenn County, because they should be going after GCID. Glenn County residents organize like you did when Save Our Water Resources (SOWR) was formed to stop Crystal Geyser from pumping your groundwate­r water to sell. Organize Save Our Water Resources again and Stop GCID from pumping and selling your water.

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