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Being exploited by big pharma


I’ve never had too much common sense. My husband used to say: “Book learning doesn’t always prepare people for real life.”

Today, I’m wondering why there is no nationwide antibody test for every citizen? Haven’t our doctors told us that our best defense against this horrible China virus, is having healthy antibodies present in a healthy body? Why are we shaming those who feel the vaccine is a danger to themselves or their children? Why is our healthcare system focused on “experiment­al” vaccines instead of ensuring all Americans have immunity from the virus? Just test us all for the antibodies!

My suspicion is that the vaccine drug companies are now in a “make as much money as possible before the public realizes they don’t need our constant vaccinatio­ns to survive!”

Maybe more common sense is needed here and less fear mongering. My suggestion­s: wash your hands, keep two home kit Covid tests at home. Take a test if you have symptoms, then seek treatment.

Rely on the numbers (.003%) of actual sick patients requiring hospital treatment.

Hint: the pictures of politician­s without masks leading happy lives should tell you the massive fear is not real among those “in the know”.

Maybe I’m getting more sense in my old age.

— Loretta Ann Torres, Chico

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