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Save a life with gun safety


May he rest in peace; Mr. Vanzant died because an irresponsi­ble adult left an unlocked firearm and ammunition where a teen could get it. Or he let the teen have it unsupervis­ed, which is even worse.

Unless we’re using it, showing it, or can see where it’s stashed, the gun should be locked up. How hard is that? Trigger locks and cable locks are cheap. Gun safes, not so much. Still cheaper than a funeral.

Lock up your guns when they’re not in use. If you can see where the zombie gun is stashed, you’re good. But if you walk out the room, the gun is unsupervis­ed. See how that works? You are responsibl­e for your guns. If someone takes your gun and does bad things with it, in California you’re likely responsibl­e. Let’s watch this case. We’ll find out.

Don’t be “that guy”. Go get locks today, and plan for a gun safe if you own multiple guns. The life you save is a thing.

— Michael Bertsch, Chico

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