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Never middle ground on this topic


A popular topic these days is abortion. Everyone says they're right. Either it's “my body”, or it's murder of a living individual with a future. Until recently, I wasn't allowed to discuss it, because I'm a male. According to many important public figure types, males can get pregnant, so I guess it's okay for me to speak up now. “IsWe're pregnant” finally sounds legitimate.

Unfortunat­ely, I don't know what God thinks. He doesn't communicat­e with me very often. Who knows what's right? When does a fertilized egg become a human? Or is it just tissue until it's breathing?

I can only give my personal opinion, based on my personal experience.

In 1935, and without Roe v. Wade, my parents were at a loss when my presence was discovered. There were no government funds available, and Tijuana was too scary. So when I arrived, my dad went one way, my mother, another. Luckily, Grandma and Grandpa took in strays. Besides me they were sheltering Jimmy Chan (another accident,) and a foster hobo; Shorty, last name unknown. We were Great Depression level poor, so Grandma just added more water to the soup.

Obviously, I'm grateful SCOTUS hadn't discovered penumbras yet. I'm guessing there are some folks with a different opinion concerning my existence. Ironically, without me, several of my mixed-race, Democrat voting descendant­s wouldn't be here cancelling my choices.

Is it worth the risk to make that kind of decision? Are we that sure? Are we that smart? Damned if I know.

— Jack Mcwherter, Cherokee

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